Sunday Recap – June 5th, 2011

We had a wonderful morning of worship at Bethel today! Pastor Tim started a new series on “How Can I Know The Bible is True”, introduced a great new song by Keith and Kristyn Getty, and celebrated communion. This post is part of the Sunday Setlist at The Worship Community, where you can read other worship recaps from around the country.

Contemporary Services

We had a smaller team than usual today, but they did a great job! This was also our second week in the process of using click tracks.  We rehearsed with two clicks on Thursday night, but didn’t end up using either one this morning. So far, I’ve been using the click tracks/loops from Praise Charts, which are good, but since it’s designed to go along with the arrangements from Praise Charts, you’re really locked in to doing it one way.  Even though the team did a great job rehearsing it with the click, I didn’t use it because I thought I may need to shorten the song.  I need to find a solution to this! Any thoughts? We’ll just keep practicing!  I did hear one positive comment, though, today that I wasn’t expecting! Our drummer said he was kind of disappointed, because he was looking forward to playing with the click! After only 1 week! You can see the Planning Center details and watch the video of this service.

“God Is With Us Now” (Walker Beach)
– We introduced this song last week, and though I normally don’t follow a strict pattern of using a new song a few weeks in a row to teach it, I did today.  It actually worked great, since the band was pretty much the same as last week. It’s a great song, and the congregation seemed to sing it out much stronger today!

“Speak, O Lord” (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend)
– This was a brand new song we introduced today.  I sent out a tweet earlier this week asking for song ideas on the topic of God’s Word.  Someone suggested this song, and it was a perfect way to start out our series! Sheri did a great job on the solo, along with the rest of the team.  If you’re looking for a modern hymn on the topic of God’s Word, check this one out! In watching videos about the song this week, the writers were looking for a song to be used just before the message as a prayer for the Lord to speak to us through His Word. Good stuff!

“The Stand” (Joel Houston)
– It’s been a while since we’ve done this one, and I think that’s a good thing! This song is so powerful, and since it’s been a while, people were so ready to just sing it out strong when we got to that soaring chorus! “So I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the One who gave it all.” It was right after the message and just before Communion. Very powerful to look out and see people expressing with their bodies what they were singing with their voices!

“You Are My King” (Billy Foote)
– One of our favorites around here!

“Beautiful the Blood” (Steve Fee & Louie Giglio)
– This Fee song has such powerful imagery in the lyrics, and it fit great as we were passing out the cup during communion.

Cafe Connection Service

Zack led the team today in the Cafe, and once again did a great job, along with the rest of the team! You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

“Where The Spirit of the Lord Is” (Christy Nockels, Nathan Nockels and Chris Tomlin)

“Happy Day” (Ben Cantelon and Tim Hughes)

“Carried To The Table” (Marc Byrd, Steve Hindalong and Leeland Mooring)

“God Of This City”  (Bluetree)

Traditional Service

The team in this service also did a fine job today! We also introduced the new Getty song in this service. You can see the Planning Center details and watch the video of this service.

“We Come, O Christ, To You”

“How Firm a Foundation”

“Speak, O Lord” (Keith Getty and Stuart Townend)
– We introduced this song here, too, although we used the used the four part harmony hymn arrangement, instead of just the 2 pt with band version we did in the other services.

“Near the Cross”

“Lamb of God” (Twila Paris)

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

6 thoughts on “Sunday Recap – June 5th, 2011”

  1. Barry, I had not heard this Getty song. I like it, thanks for sharing it. Man, I’m glad I only have one service to recap each week, and I usually don’t even have to plan and lead it!

    Seriously, thanks for taking the time to give the rest of us some insights into what you all are doing.



    1. Harold,

      Thanks for your reply! Good to hear from you again!

      I was so glad to find that song this week! I’m sure we’ll use it again in this series. Great words!



  2. Barry,

    You are braver than I – I can’t muster up enough courage to even try click track/loop. We have been using some ambient guitar pads to fill i soe space in a few songs and they are working nicely as there is no need to worry about playing in “time.”

    Love seeing the young guy on acoustic guitar – thanks for helping to raise up the next generation of worship leaders.



    1. Tim,

      Well, brave or misguided… I guess time will tell! 🙂

      Yeah, he’s actually the son of the drummer! Our electric guitar guy is a senior now, but has been playing with us for a few years.



  3. Barry

    Thank for the response at my blog. I couldn’t get my response to take there so I am posting here.

    GITS stands for God in the Spotlight. The intention of these songs is to put God (his character and works) in the spotlight, not us. These are hard songs to find because we like to sing about ourselves. My blog entries under Thinking Strategically talk more about the song categories we use and how we use them.

    Song Sources. You recognized the Vineyard one. It is Not Death to Die – Sovereign Grace (They have some excellent songs, really strong on content), All Things – Joel Weldon (this is an older song), Spirit and Just A Little (These are my arrangements of texts I found that got my attention because of the lyrics), Restore Us (From a recent Worship Leader magazine – SongDiscovery CD ), The Old Rugged Cross – a classic hymn.

    I noted you did Speak, O Lord on Sunday. It is one of my favorites. By Faith and Behold the Lamb are other Getty songs we do regularly.

    I’m not using the iPad yet, but plan to be doing so soon. I plan to post on it when I do. Thanks for the interest.

    Singing His praises,



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