Palm Sunday Recap – April 17, 2011

We had a great morning of worship today on this Palm Sunday! Along with one or two songs related to Palm Sunday, (it’s hard to find specific things about that, but of course we used Paul Baloche’s “Hosanna”), we also continued our series in Romans, and had a special baptism service! We also used a hilarious video today from the Skit Guys – their “Easter Invite”  video. Very well received and so funny!!  This post is part of the Sunday Setlist blog at The Worship Community, where you can read worship recaps from other worship leaders.

Contemporary Services

The team did a great job today – we focused on Palm Sunday with “Hosanna”, then on God’s reign, and also on God’s justification from Romans 5. We finished with a baptism of 3 individuals. It was quite a grab bag of themes today! You can see the video of this  service and the Planning Center details.

“Hosanna” (Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown)
– One of the few tunes I’ve found that works well relating directly to Palm Sunday. What did you find to use for today? I’d love to get more ideas I can jot down for next year!

“The Lord Reigns” (Klaus Kuehn)
– I did two songs in a row about the reign of God. It actually tied in perfectly with Pastor Tim’s message, an outcome I didn’t plan on!  This is a great upbeat, fast song of praise!

“God You Reign” (Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes)
–  We did this song and the previous in B, so it was a smooth transition from one to the next with both key and theme. Great song!

“You Alone Can Rescue” (Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman)
– We did kind of a mix of the Passion arrangement and the Matt Redman arrangement today.

“Happy Day” (Ben Cantelon and Tim Hughes)
– This is normally a song we would do on Easter, but it fit so well with today’s theme from Romans 5, that I thought we’d use it this week.  The team does such a great job on this one, and it’s always so fun to do! It also led very well into our baptism service.

Cafe Connection

Things were back to normal in the Cafe this week, after a bunch of mishaps with the technology last week. Adam led the team today – for the last time… 😦  Thanks for the great job you’ve done in the Cafe, Adam!  You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

“Meet With Me” (Lamont Hiebert)

“Salvation Is Here” (Joel Houston)

“Happy Day” (Ben Cantelon and Tim Hughes)

“Nothing But The Blood” (Matt Redman)

Traditional Service

We did the most for Palm Sunday in this service, with a few reading, and several hymns related to Palm  Sunday. The team did a great job. You can watch the video of this service and see the Planning Center details.

“Hosanna, Loud Hosanna”

“In the Name of the Lord” (Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patti, Phil McHugh)

“All Glory, Laud and Honor”

“We Will Glorify” (Twila Paris)

“I Will Sing of My Redeemer”

“He Lifted Me”

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

2 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Recap – April 17, 2011”

  1. Barry –

    You might try anther Paul Baloche song, “Our God Saves” – we started with that one and then moved into “Hosanna” and then into the new Brenton Brown song, “Our God is Mercy.” They flowed together pretty well.

    If only Paul Baloche had $1 from every church that sang Hosanna yesterday…



    1. Terry,

      Yes, “Our God Saves” is a great song! We’ve used it before here. Have not used “Our God Is Mercy”, though. I’ll have to check that one out.



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