Sunday Recap – April 10, 2011

We had a very full morning of worship today at Bethel, and a few surprises as well.  Pastor Tim was back and we continued our walk through Romans with Ch. 5 with “Living Like a King”.  Usually I post a link to the video of our services, but part of our camera system wasn’t working this week, and we weren’t able to livestream or record today.  This post is part of the Sunday Setlists at The Worship Community, where you can read worship recaps from other worship leaders.

Contemporary Services

The team did a great job today! It was a little bitter-sweet, though, as it was Bekah’s last time on the team before she gets married and off on their own.  She has done such a great job over the years! Sad to not be able to work with her now, but hopefully will get the opportunity to again in the future! It’s been great to have Aaron, a 9th grader,  join us on guitar recently! He’s doing a great job! You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

“You, You Are God” (Walker Beach)

“Glorious One” (Steve Fee)

“How  Great Is Our God” (Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jesse Reeves)

“Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)” (Michael Bleeker and Mark Hall)
–  This was the first time we’ve used this one, and it seemed to go over very well! We’re going to be using it at Easter, so I wanted to teach it to the congregation now. We’ll also be singing it as part of our Spring Musical in May. If you’re not familiar with it, Casting Crowns took the words to the old hymn “One  Day”, and added a new melody. Great song!


Cafe Connection Service

This service was quite eventful today! I led  in this service today, and it we barely got everything together just before the service started.  We had been hosting the men’s homeless shelter this week, and everything had gotten all disconnected. Our monitors were plugged in to the wrong place, our camera picture was black and white, and other things. We just called it our “Retro Cafe” week, and people seemed to be very understanding. You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

Songs were the same as in Cafe except we did Brenton Brown’s “Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing)” instead of “Glorious Day”.


Traditional Service

Rick led the team in this service, and did a great job!  You can see the Planning Center details.

“Blessed Assurance”
“Crown Him With Many Crowns”
“A Child of the King”
“One Day”

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