Sunday Recap – August 7, 2011

Contemporary Services

Our service order today was quite different than normal, mainly because we had a special speaker who spoke for about ten extra minutes, plus communion, so we didn’t have a lot of songs today; but the team did a great job! Our rehearsal schedule was thrown off this week, too, because we had VBS, so we didn’t get to practice until Saturday afternoon.  Because of all that, things felt a bit frazzled today.  This was the last day in our series “How Can We Know the Bible is True”, and our guest speaker, Jay Seegert, with Creation Education Center, did a wonderful job of finishing it off with a very interesting message on the internal and scientific accuracy of the Bible.
This was also our second week using Ableton Live intro for our click tracks/loops. Things went quite a bit smoother in that area, too! The team really did a good job of playing with the click, and Ableton made things run so smoothly! Each we use clicks, things seem to get easier, and people feel more confident.   “God is With Us Now” is a nice, fast opener from the new Gateway album. Eric sang the opening of “God You Reign”, and Zack nailed the guitar solo! Brenda did wonderful on her two solos today on “At the Cross” and “Grace Flows Down”. We didn’t use a track on “At The Cross”, mainly because we often change the arrangement of a song during communion, based on how long it’s taking, so it would have been hard to stick with the loop.  During “Grace Flows Down”, I had Larry, our sound guy, fade out the loop in the house at a certain point, then I could easily stop the track and finish the song live w/o the click.  Do you guys have a better solution for doing things like that?  You can see the Planning Center details and watch the video of this service.

Cafe Connection Service

Yes, only two songs in here today! Again, with our guest speaker and communion, our regular schedule was all thrown off.  Zack led the team in here today, with Jake on bass and Brenda and Mari on vocals. You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

Traditional Service

  • “I Sing the Mighty Power of God”
  • “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”
  • “The Old Rugged Cross”
Great job on these songs today, team! You can see the Planning Center details and watch the video for this service.
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