Sunday Recap – February 13th, 2011

We had a great morning of worship at Bethel today, and it was so nice to be healthy again to enjoy it! This post is part of the Sunday Setlists group at The Worship Community, where worship leaders share their recaps from Sunday’s worship services.

Contemporary Services

We had the Worship Choir join the team this morning for these service, and we also introduced a new song – “More Than Amazing” by Lincoln Brewster.  You can watch the video (coming soon) of this service and see the Planning Center details.

“Hosanna” (Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown)
– We’ve always used the Paul  Baloche version of this song, although I enjoy Brenton’s version as well.  Zack does such a great job on the solo part, and today I thought he did exceptionally well! The whole band, team and choir did great today!

“God Is Great” (Marty Sampson)
– An oldie, but still good! This one and older Hillsong tune – very fast!

“Our God’ (Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman)
– We changed this one up a bit this morning in the arrangement with the dynamics and it really seemed to have new life.  I love this song, but it hasn’t always worked as well as I had hoped. Today, though, it went great!

“More Than Amazing” (Lincoln Brewster and Mia Fieldes)
– We introduced this as a new song today during the offering. This song is from Lincoln Brewster’s newest album, but it really doesn’t sound like one of his songs until you get to the second time through on the Tag.  It’s mainly piano-driven on the whole  first part of the song, which is quite unusual for Lincoln. It’s really a great song, and one that I’m sure we’ll end up doing quite a bit. Watch the video of this song from this morning below.

“What Can I Do” (Paul  Baloche and Graham Kendrick)
– Another Paul Baloche tune with a nice closing song feel.

Cafe Connection Service

I didn’t get to be part of this service today, but I heard they did a great job! Patti does such a great job coordinating really all of the other elements of this service besides the music! Today she had a Valentine’s Day theme at all the tables, and really just a fun atmosphere!  Adam led the worship team with Brenda singing, Zack  on percussion and vocals and Jake on mandolin. The Easy Worship was acting up, though, today in here. It froze up whenever I tried to play a PowerPoint file. Hmm… I’ll have to take a look at that! You can see the Planning Center details for this service.

“Our God Saves” (Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown)

“You Never Let Go” (Matt Redman)

“This Is How We Know” (Matt Redman)

“How He Loves” (John Mark McMillan)

Traditional Service

I led in this service today, along with Janet on the keyboard, Pennie, Howard and Rick on vocals.  Thanks, team! You can watch the video (coming soon) and see the Planning Center details for this service.

“A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”
“His Name Is Wonderful”
“There’s Something About That Name”
“Blessed Be The Name”
“Jesus Is Lord of All”
– Rick did a great job on the solo here, and Pennie and Howard on the duet.
“Living For Jesus”

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Recap – February 13th, 2011”

  1. Found you via the worship community. I also love “Hosanna” and we played it last week too. I worked up the solo but I’m still pretty new at electric guitar.

    What is the Cafe Connection Service?

    How did “More Than Amazing” work? Was the congregation pretty responsive? Great song to use with the worship choir.


    1. Hi Matt! Thanks for the comments!

      Our Cafe Connection service is fairly new to us, since this past summer. Basically, it’s a Video Cafe service on-site at our church. We hold it in our Family Life Center, where we show the live video on a screen for the message, have a live worship team in the room (smaller, more acoustic, coffee-house style), and people sit around round tables. It’s at 8:00 a.m., so we offer bagels, coffee, etc… during the service. It’s really taken off, and our goal is to eventually move the service off-site and make it more of an outreach.

      “More Than Amazing” went great! It was the first time, so there weren’t a lot of people singing along, but I saw several people with hands raised, worshipping along with us. I’m sure as we do it again, people will catch on very quickly. Yeah, the choir really adds a lot to that type of song. I love using one!



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