NWLC Workshop Notes – Using Tracks, Loops, and Music Software to Enhance Your Live Sound

Phillip Edwards, Interactive Worship Live

–          Always uses click track and loop track

–          Loop track – percussion, ongoing – no set song structure

–          Why run MultiTracks?

  • Some have tough time with the idea of using something that’s not live onstage
    • But, many do it – MWS, Coldplay
  • You can fill in missing players – drums, bass, etc… if you’re missing it
  • MultiTrack Masters can be your whole band.
    • You can adopt technology to your band to sound more current
  • Or just part of your band…
    • Loops for percussion
      • Gives you a sonic sound that’s in the house
      • Doesn’t lock you in to a specific part of the song
    • Leave in the live strings, real horns, synth noises, key melodic hooks
    • Replace a missing musician
    • Video Capability
    • MultiTracks can become another musician on the stage
  • Incredible Teaching Tool!
    • Solo parts in rehearsal so musicians can learn their parts
    • Export mixes so musicians and singers can learn parts for rehearsal purposes
      • They can rehearse with it during the week
    • Mute what you have live on stage and you sound like the original with the right mix

–          Ableton Live – Berlin, Germany

  • Created for DJ Market
  • How does it work?
  • Video track, too – pre-produced, so it follows the song in time
  • You can assign a few measures to loop, so if you want to repeat the chorus, you can just push a key on computer and repeat the intro as many times as you like.
  • Or, you can push a button and it can go to the Bridge, or go the Chorus, so at the end of the current section, it will jump to a new section.
  • You can play it like you’re playing an instrument
  • PC or MAC
  • Can have a Guide track – tells people in ears, “Intro – 1,2,3,4”;
  • The click track just disappears – to them….
  • With only one electric guitar player, we could add in all those other sounds.
  • Audio interface, you can split the sound into more than two.
  • Long-term – use audio interface, not 1/8 inch cable with L-R split
  • Training videos available
  • Live Intro – $99 – does everything except the video track

–          How do we do this at my church?

  • 1. Foundation = Click Track
    • Main hurdle – getting drummer to play with click track
    • Lovingly encourage them to stick with it
    • It may seem strange to hear the click track, but our goal is to play in time.
    • If they get off, just stop the click, and restart
    • It helps keep the tempo without always having to have either the drummer or piano always pounding the beat. They can hear it, and know when to come in
    • Band has to have click tracks, they let the singers decide whether or not they want it.
    • TAMA Rhythm Watch – Click track
    • Westone UM2’s Dual Driver In-Ear Monitors ($279)
    • Call and talk to Dale, tell him you took this class, and get 10% off
  • 2. Choose a Music Director
    • Goal of a MD is to bridge communication between band and worship leaders
    • Pro Co Panic Button ($175)
      • A/B button – A singing voice; B, talk to Band
        • Mic into it, one goes to house, one to band.
    • WL communicates to
    • This would allow me to talk to people who I want to (band, tech) and not to the whole house, using the same mic.
  • FC200 Roland
    • Foot pedal for guitar players where you can control from pedal
  • Open Labs Keyboards
    • Open Labs Neko keyboard
    • Built in computer to the keyboard – with Ableton Live on the keyboard
  • ProSonus Firebox – audio interface
  • When you sign up through Interactive Worship Live – , you get some free tracks
  • Need:
    • Laptop connected to audio interface via firewire
    • M-Audio Firewire 410
    • Recommend FW 400 6 pin connection to laptop and connect hard drive thru audio device
    • Get the Firewire 400 to connect to audio interface!!
    • Buy computer – 7200 RPM drive; that would fix the lag
    • On the Go 100 GB drive

–          IWL Lite

  • Play from iPhone or iPod touch, iPod
  • Very lite program

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

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