Sunday Recap – May 30, 2010

I’m here again to give you the Sunday recap from our services this morning. We had a good morning, but it was not without its glitches.  We had a cool start to our service with a tribute to our veterans for Memorial Day weekend. We had a serviceman (different one in each service) who just returned from active duty carry the flag down dressed in uniform. We said the pledge of allegiance, then showed a neat video “Remember Their Sacrifice” by Jitterbug.

Songs used:
‘For All You’ve Done” (Reuben Morgan)
– This one went well; everyone knows it, and people were singing out strong!

“Where the Spirit of the Lord Is” (Chris Tomlin, Christy and Nathan Nockels)
– I love this song! It’s the second time we’ve used it in church, and I thought maybe this second time we did it, that we would see more participation from the congregation. But, there were many people not singing during this one.  Now that I think of it, I should have taken the workshop by Fred McKinnon at the All About Worship Retreat about increasing corporate participation during worship. I’m not sure if I’ll bring this one back or not.

“Hosanna” (Brooke Fraser)
– Another great song! But, I’m not sure what it was about today, people were just not singing on this one either.  I did let people sit during this one, and I’ve noticed people tend to become more like observers when they’re sitting down.Starting with a solo may also have led people to think it was more of a performance-type song.

“Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)” (Brenton Brown)
– Another great song that everyone knew, and a great one to close our service.  

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Recap – May 30, 2010”

  1. Harold,That's how we do it, too. First verse solo, then add other singers, etc… Musically it's nice, but does it help the congregation in their corporate worship. I guess that's what I'm trying to discern. Or is there a better way to do it w/o leaving out the congregation?


  2. Good combination of songs Barry. That's an interesting comment you make about starting with a solo, and how that can affect people's idea of what you're doing with a song. We like to start some songs with an individual singer and/or instrument, to give us more dynamic headroom within the song, but I don't usually notice it affecting whether or not the congregation participates. We rarely ever do an actual 'solo' though, as opposed to congregational singing, so maybe even the participation's a matter of habit. Hard to know!


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