Sunday Recap – Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010

We had a great morning of worship yesterday here at Bethel.  There was a lot of excitement in our team and in the congregation yesterday for worship, which was great to see. We had our Worship Choir join our team yesterday, and that always adds another level of energy to the service.

Promises (Jared Anderson)
We started by introducing “Promises” for the first time. What a great song! I can always tell when a song is easy to pick up because I hear my kids singing it all day, and that was the case yesterday – my little 6 year old, Olivia, was sing “All of Your promises won’t let go of me” all day long! I loved it!

Better Than Life (Israel Houghton and Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff)
Another great song with tons of energy, especially with choir up there blasting it out! A great song to remind us of God’s love for us!

Mighty To Save (Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan)
One of our standards, and people were ready to sing it! Taking someone’s suggestion from a setlist I read, I went right from that song into:

The Stand (Joel Houston)
It was a nice transition! We didn’t do the songs in the same key, so I’m not sure it was quite as smooth as it could have been, but it actually worked great. We ended “Mighty To Save” on a D chord (V chord in G), then went right into the chorus of “The Stand” using that same D chord (IV chord in A). What a great song to just lift your hands and voices and sing His praises!

The Blessing (John Waller)
Our praise team and choir did this song as a response to the message. The theme was leaving a legacy, so this song tied in great!

For Mother’s Day, I used a video from Floodgate that I got from Worship House Media called “Mother’s Day Blessings”. It was very touching – great for moms of all kinds!

I was speaking with someone who is on the team at our Traditional Service, and he asked why I don’t post our setlists from the Traditional Service as well? I don’t really have a good reason not to, so here are the hymns we sang in our Traditional Service this week:
– Praise To the Lord, The Almighty
– Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
– My Savior’s Love
– Mother’s Day Hymn
– Living For Jesus

Hope you guys all had a great week, and look forward to reading through all of your setlists from this week at the Sunday Setlists blog carnival at The Worship Community.

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Barry Westman

Barry Westman is the Worship Pastor at Bethel Church in Janesville, WI. He is also the Editor In Chief and Event Manager at Worship Team Training and Worship Team Training University. He is married to Tina, and has 3 rapidly growing children. 

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