Sunday Morning Recap – 11-22-09

We’re halfway done with the songs for today as I’m typing this. We had a great time of worship this morning, and tonight we have our Pie and Praise service for Thanksgiving.

We started our morning service with:

“Rising” (Paul Baloche) and
“Let the Praises Ring” (Lincoln Brewster)
 – Our electric guitar player, Zack, did a great job on the solo on that one!

After the welcome, we did:
“Shaken” (Tony Guerrero)
 – It’s been a long time since we’ve done this one, but it’s a great song!
“This Is How We Know” (Matt Redman)

Then, during the offering, we did “I’d Need A Savior” (Among the Thirsty) as special music.  I’ve heard this song on the radio, and love it! A gal from our church asked about singing it, and even though I only had a chord chart (I usually have the lead sheet and vocal parts), we did it.  They did a great job!

We ended with “Love The Lord” (Lincoln Brewster).

Tonight for our Pie and Praise service we’ll be doing:

“Because of Your Love” (Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown)
“For All You’ve Done” (Reuben Morgan)

“We Will Remember” (Tommy Walker)

“How Great is the Love” (new song by Paul Baloche and Meredith Andrews)

“You Never Let Go” (Matt Redman)

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Update – Well, I need to add an update to my recap. It’s now later Sunday night, after the Pie and Praise service. The testimonies were great to hear! The team did a great job on the songs! But, we had major technical issues!  Partway through “We Will Remember”, I noticed hardly anyone was singing, and everyone looked confused.  Wouldn’t you know – the “Lamp Replacement” light came on the screen, so right in the middle of the song, people saw our reminder that it’s time to replace the lamp. After that, the lamp basically failed.  Our video guy tried to turn it back on a few times, but it just kept on turning off.  So, needless to say, that put a damper on the focus and attention of many people.  

That’s on top of a strange event we had earlier this morning. Our main video feed cable somehow got wound up and stuck in a wheel on the sound board chair.  So, that chair was off limits this morning. The cable was already frayed, and we could not get it out of the wheel!

So, we have some major technical issues to work on this week.  But, God is good, and people knew “You Never Let Go” enough so we all could end with a great time of worship.

Sunday Morning Recap – 11/15/09

We had a great morning today at Bethel. It’s always a treat to have our Worship Choir join us (once a month), and this was one of those mornings. Today was the last Sunday in our Salt & Light series, and it has been very good!  So, to conclude our series, the choir added to our mix and we did:

“Say So” (Michael Gungor and Israel Houghton)
“Salvation is Here” (Joel Houston)

“Blessed Be Your Name” (Matt Redman)
“Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)” (Chris Tomlin)

After the message, we ended by introducing  a new song that really worked great, especially with our choir –

“A New Hallelujah” (Michael W. Smith)

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Thanksgiving Songs

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and the question always comes up – what songs do we do at Thanksgiving?

One new one this year that I’m really excited about is from Paul Baloche’s new “Glorious” CD.  “How Great Is the Love” works great for Thanksgiving! Check it out!

Other songs we do at Thanksgiving are:

“Because of Your Love” (Paul Baloche)
“We Will Remember” (Tommy Walker)
“Once Again” (Matt Redman)

I would love to hear from you – what songs do you guys use for Thanksgiving? Are there other new songs that you are going to use this year?

Let’s get a good discussion going!

Sunday Morning Recap – 11/8/09

What a great morning of worship! We had the wonderful addition of a tenor sax player to our band this morning. He’s recently began attending our church, and he is fantastic!!  I was amazed at how much it added to have him play with the band. He knew just when to play to help fill in the holes, and it added such a rich texture.  He also played a wonderful jazz/gospel version of “Blessed Assurance” for the offertory. So excited to have him be part of our team!!

When I chose the songs this week, I intentionally chose songs with the sax in mind. They were all songs we normally do, but just ones that I thought would work well with that additional instrument.

So, we did:

“You Are Good”  (Israel Houghton)

“Better Than Life” (Israel Houghton)
“Jesus Messiah” (Chris Tomlin)
“We Fall Down” (Chris Tomlin) – (with that amazing sax solo in the middle, which he did a great job on!)

Sax solo during offering

“Shine” (Matt Redman)

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Paul Baloche CD Giveaway

I was excited to hear about the giveaway contest for Paul Baloche’s new CD “Glorious”.  I’ve been looking forward to this release for a long time, and can’t wait to listen to it!

Here’s a link to a website where you can enter a contest to get it free!

Sunday Morning Recap – 11/1/09

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I’m going to have to give a second-hand account of how things went this morning at church, because I was on vacation and actually visited a different church today.  I love getting the chance to visit other churches and just spend time worshiping without having to prepare and be concerned with anything other than worshiping Him! So, that was a nice break this morning.

But, I also heard many wonderful reports about how the team did this morning in my absence. I had someone else lead the team this morning. He’s had many years of experience leading in his former church, but this was his first time here. Jeff did a great job, from what I’ve heard! Thanks, Jeff!

I just finished listening to the CD from this morning and all the band/singers did a wonderful job!

They opened the service with:

“Awesome Is the Lord Most High” – (Chris Tomlin and others…)

The next set was:
“Beautiful One” (Tim Hughes)
“Glory to God Forever” (Vicky Beeching and Steve Fee)

During the offering, they did:
“God of This City”

Then during Communion, they did:
“Once Again” – (Matt Redman)
“You Are My King” – (Billy Foote)

I tried to choose songs that were familiar, and ones they could be led easily without me at the keyboard. Since I normally lead from the keyboard when I lead, it was a nice reminder as I listened to the CD, that it also sounds great when the guitars lead.  I know that’s nothing new, but I tend to forget that I don’t always have to use the keyboard to lead the song.  I don’t feel as comfortable when I’m not behind the keys, but maybe I’m too comfortable. Something for me to chew on. The mix sounded great, and we have some very talented musicians who I know would do a great job!

So, it’s good to change things up once in a while, and I’m so glad Jeff got the opportunity to lead.  

God is good!

Sunday Morning Recap – 10/25/09

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What a crazy weekend!! Part of our worship team was involved with leading worship at our conference’s annual meeting in Milwaukee, WI, this past weekend.  We led 25 songs over two days. It was intense, but a lot of fun! So, after hauling our equipment there, setting up, leading worship, tearing down, hauling it back, resetting everything up at church for this morning, and leading this morning, I’m a bit tired out. Good thing is that I’m on vacation this next week!

This morning, we started with:

“Open the Eyes of My Heart” (Paul Baloche)
“The Lord Reigns” (Klaus Kuehn)

Then, after the Welcome, we did:

“Sing to the King” (Foote)
“God You Reign” (Lincoln Brewster)

Then, after the message we closed with:

“Happy Day” (Tim Hughes)

 Now, time to start vacation!

Sunday Recap – October 18, 2009

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This morning was a whirlwind! We had a Missions Conference at our church this week, and we had a guest speaker with us this morning in church. We are also going through the “Salt and Light” material with our GLBC conference, so we had two “15” minute messages this morning.  We ended up going over time in all 3 services, so it was a stressful morning.

But, on a good note, Easy Worship 2009 came through for us! This is only our 3rd week using the program, and I since the guest speaker had some videos in different formats, I was forced to figure out how to install the right codecs so we can play them. But, now since that’s done, we’re set for pretty much any type of movie.

So, for our set list this morning:

Before Service – “Say So” (Michael Gungor and Israel Houghton)
Opening Song – “Today Is the Day” (Lincoln  Brewster & Paul Baloche)

Then, “Everlasting God” (Brenton Brown) (Lincoln Brewster version)
“Your Name” (Paul Baloche)

After the first message, we did “Follow You” by Leeland during the offering.

We closed with “Hope of the Nations” (Brian Doerksen).

Overall, a busy, stressful but wonderful morning!

Sunday Morning Recap – 10/11/2009

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I’m a little late getting my post in this week, but it’s been a busy weekend! I couldn’t post our setlist last night, because we spent the evening at a 4 hour dinner experience at The Melting Pot fondue restaurant. Fun!!

So, yesterday morning we had our Worship Choir sing with our team, as they do one time a month. It always is good to have the choir with us!!

We started off the service yesterday with “Hosanna” (Paul Baloche).  Great way to get your thoughts and mind set to worship.

Then, after the welcome, we did:

“God Is Great” (Reuben Morgan)
“Glory to God Forever (Steve Fee and Vicky Beeching)

Before the message, I used a Worship House Media/ Deidox film – “Lindsay”. It was free this week on WHM, and it really fit perfectly into our theme of being Salt & Light in our worlds.

After the message, we did “The Power of Your Name” (Lincoln Brewster) as a special with our worship team and choir. Zack, our guitar player really nailed the opening electric guitar part – wow, did he do a good job! In fact, our sound person said that she had a couple of people ask her after the service how we switched so seamlessly from the CD to live. She told them, no, it was all live! Way to go, Zack!  What a powerful song and challenging message for us to be the hands and feet of Christ to our worlds.

We ended the service with “God of This City”.

Hope you all had a great week, as well!

Sunday Morning Recap – October 4, 2009

This is my addition to the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com. Today’s page is

This morning there were a lot of firsts, and they all went very well!

We started the service with “Our God Saves” (Paul Baloche & Brenton Brown) followed by “My Savior, My God” (Aaron Shust).

Then, we moved from there into Communion.  This was the first first today. Usuallly, we have Communion at the end of the service, but we have been trying to just change up the way we do communion recently.  So, instead of tacking it on at the end, I thought we would rather incorporate Communion into the service, and make it more of a highlight during the worship through song time before the message.  It worked great, except for a few logistical issues which would need to be worked out if we try it that way again.

During Communion we did “The Wonder of the Cross” (Vicky Beeching) and “Lead Me To the Cross” (Brooke Fraser).

Then, just before the message we introduced a new song that really ties in to our “Salt & Light” series. We did “Follow You” (Leeland Mooring, Jack Mooring, and Ed Cash) off of Leeland’s new CD. It’s really a great song, and we had one of our young guitar players sing the lead on it. We did it as a special today during the offering, but I’m planning to bring it back as we go through this series.

We ended the service after the message with “Mighty To Save” (Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan).
We also had a new worship team singers this morning sing with us for the first time. I love involving new people and discovering/using new talents of current members. I was so pleased with how everyone did this morning. Praise be to God!!

Thanks for reading.