Tuesday at the NWLC

Again – I’m overwhelmed after such a wonderful day at the conference today. It opened up with Jeremy Riddle leading us in worship, and then Leonard Sweet spoke. He was great! I went to his workshop after the general session for more.

I went to two workshops by Stan Endicot about worship choir – both very helpful! I also caught part of Paul Baloche’s workshop on “Creating Flow in Worship”

Dinner was fabulous – of course some good BBQ in Kansas City. I forgot to mention lunch – they brought in Chick-fil-A for everyone for lunch! That was cool!

Tonight’s concert was excellent! Some members of the group LoveSong – leaders of the early contemporary Christian movement, sang a couple songs, followed by Aaron Shust and Laura Story leading us in worship. Following that, Mac Powell and friends (Aaron and Laura, plus Matt Maher and others).

Following the concert tonight, we went to a local church here for another little gathering of worship leaders – less formal, coffee, free food! We met Glenn Packiam from the Desperation Band while we were there, and they filmed a podcast for a later episode on www.allaboutworship.com.

Needless to say, it’s time for bed!

1st Full day of the National Worship Leaders Conference

Wow! Wow! Wow!

That’s what I’m feeling right now after 2 very full days of the National Worship Leaders Conference. It has been wonderful, and so rewarding. I’m so happy that everyone else on our team seems to be having a great time as well.

Monday morning for me started with a pre-conference seminar with Lenny LeBlanc leading worship, Sally Morgenthaler speaking on bringin Christ into the community, and Scotty Smith speaking.

We then had a 5 1/2 hour choir rehearsal with Stan Endicott in preparation for singing in the Conference Choir. It was a long time, but I enjoyed every second! Stan is great, and I love the way he gets us to sound! The theme this week is God’ faithfulness from generation to generation. So, they’re briniging a lot people from the past out for songs, as well as people from today. Evie (yes, that Evie) opened the night with “Spirit Song” – a classic; then we sang a song led by Bill Batstone. Anthony Evans led us in a time of worship, and then we sang with Tommy Walker.

A great day! How fun!